What We Offer Our Tenants

Here is an outline of what we offer and what we expect from our tenants...

Hollywell Housing Trust is a registered charity and we were set up to provide safe, sustainable housing for people with additional support needs within the community. Our team are experienced, committed and dedicated to ensuring that our tenants are safe, thriving and developing confidence and life skills to living independently.

Normal costs for renting a house on the private sector are considerable, however Hollywell do not charge deposits or rent up front and we have no administration fees for accessing our services. The exception to this would be if we received a referral from someone who has a history of excessive property damage which may mean that we would ask for a one month security deposit – this is fully refundable at the end of the tenancy subject to any damage. In return for this, we expect the following:

  • You take care of your home, making sure it is clean and tidy.
  • You don’t cause damage to your home.
  • You are a good neighbour, not playing loud music or making excessive noise to upset those around you.
  • You must engage with Hollywell Housing Trust and your care provider (if you have one)
  • You must pay a weekly Support Charge of £10 per person to Hollywell for the length of time you are resident in a Hollywell home and this will take effect from the day your tenancy starts. This charge covers the cost of the housing related support we provide to you.

Rents are paid via housing benefit and there will be no top ups to the rent required except in exceptional circumstances (for example, if you have high levels of savings or a job) but this will be clearly explained to you before you commit to a tenancy. 

Our aim is to make accessing a home in the community and living independently as simply as possible, keeping costs low and ensuring that our tenants are able to hold a tenancy and be independent in their home. 


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