Rather than simply make housing decisions for people, we work with them to design a plan and pathway that addresses their own wants and needs in terms of a happy and independent future. We work in conjunction with their support networks and this ensures that the individual is at the heart of the process and has ownership of their choice of housing and their journey to true independence. This is done in conjunction with their support network to ensure that the setting is appropriate for them in terms of risk, but is always led by the individual. We do not own our own stock of property, and so there is no pressure to simply fill houses – we seek accommodation to suit the person and support them to make it a home.

  • Work with the individual to identify what they want and need in a home
  • Carry out a face to face Assessment to develop a Goals Pathway to independence over a 5 year period
  • On the first day of the tenancy we will meet the tenant at the property, going through the tenancy agreement that they will sign (this is available in an accessible format) and ensuring they understand what they need to do in their home so they fulfil their obligations under the tenancy agreement. We will then issue keys to them and explain how everything in the house works as well as their obligations as a tenant.
  • Each tenant gets a specific Housing & Welfare Officer as their point of contact
  • We deal with all housing benefit issues, supporting the service user to make the initial claim and then being point of contact for HB to deal with any queries.
  • Offer a 24 hour, 7 day a week Housing & Support Line for the service user and their support team to address any maintenace issues or emergency support needs
  • We visit each tenant each week for a Tenancy Clinic, spending time talking to them about the tenancy and giving them the opportunity to raise concerns either about the property or their support, as well as ensuring that they are working towards their goals.
  • We encourage our tenants to participate in the community as much as possible, engaging with community groups and other activities. These visits will also run through what engagement people have had or want in this respect.
  • Support tenants in ending their tenancy when and if they need to.
  • We will also look at any other support we can offer that is tailored to the need of the individual.
  • At the end of the initial 5 year period we will work with the individual to take the next steps on their journey, or look at extending their time with Hollywell if necessary.


Private Rented Sector: We work with private landlords, finding a suitable property with Hollywell taking a corporate tenancy with them directly. This means that all dealings with this head landlord are through Hollywell and not directly with the tenant. Hollywell then sublets the property to the service user on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy and effectively becomes their landlords.

Housing Associations: Hollywell is working with Registered Social Landlords to rent property (as above) from their own stock directly. Depending on the condition of the property, Hollywell will ensure that the property is carpeted and curtained with white goods in the property.

Buying to Order: Hollywell works with a small number of corporate and social investors who would look to purchase specialist property for the service user/client group. This would normally be a property where a service user needs specialist support such as tracking/hoist systems or other adaptations that private landlords may not allow.

Decommissioning Care Homes: Where a local authority is looking to decommission a small care home, Hollywell can assist with the relevant works to a property to convert it into a supported living property and proceed with the tenancy model above. This enables the service user to remain in their current home if that is suitable. 


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