Our Work

Our Model

Hollywell works directly with the individual being referred into us, their support team and where applicable their family. We work with them to identify their wants and needs before sourcing a home that works for everyone – the individual is at the heart of this process, ‘no decision about me, without me’

We source homes directly from the private rented sector, working with landlords and letting agents across the South West to find a place that fits the criteria. We do not own a stock of housing that we have to fill in order to make targets, we take time to find a sustainable home that is bespoke to the person.

Hollywell then secures the property, becoming the landlord to the owner ourselves, we then issue a tenancy to the individual in order to become their landlord – our team then support them to manage their tenancy, be a good tenant and work through a Goals Pathway towards independence. The majority of our tenants have a commissioned support package in place with a care provider and we work with them to create the right levels of support to make a home sustainable, safe and happy.

Our model and vision centres around empowerment, independence and choice.

Our Process

Step 1

Hollywell will contact the referrer and prospective tenant once a referral has been received and confirm that we have all the information we need to start the referral process.

Step 2

We will arrange a Getting to Know You meeting with one of our Housing & Welfare Officer to talk in more detail about the needs of the person, their background and anything else that might be relevant to their application. We will then make a decision as to whether the individual will benefit from our service or whether another route might be more appropriate for them.

Step 3

Hollywell will begin a property search, sourcing a suitable house or flat and arranging a viewing for the individual and their support provider or family. If everyone likes the place, we will then look to secure it and a tenancy start date will be set.

Step 4

All our tenants have a designated Housing & Welfare Officer who will work with them for the duration of their tenancy – we believe that this consistency is key to building trust. The HWO will meet the new tenant at their new home and conduct a sign up of the tenancy agreement and other documents – all of these are explained verbally and are also available in easy read format. We ask that someone from their support network also attends the sign up.

Step 5

The HWO working with the tenant will visit regularly, at least once a week unless by prior arrangement and work with the tenant on their goals, life skills and aspirations for the future. We will support with budgeting, safeguarding and many other areas that help to develop life skills and independence. We also work with a number of other partners to whom we can signpost tenants should the need arise.

Step 6

Tenancies will be regularly reviewed and at the end of a 5 year period (or sooner by arrangement) we will either look to extend the time that we are working with the individual or support them to move into more independent (or more supported) accommodation. This will again be led by the individual.

Where We Find Our Homes

Since 2014 Hollywell has developed strong links with landlords and letting agents who understand that we are offering an essential service to people with additional support needs in a way that is safe and secure for them as property owners.

Letting Agents

We work through general property search engines such as Right Move and Prime Location to locate suitable properties via letting agents. We also have great relationships with a number of local letting agents who will recommend us to their landlords.

Private Landlords

We have a significant number of partnerships with private portfolio landlords who own a number of properties that are leased directly to Hollywell.

Local Groups & Forums

We are proud members of a number of local community forums and voluntary sector groups as well as local and countywide landlord forums where we are able to discuss our requirements for individuals and access available housing.