Hollywell recognises that the autistic spectrum is broad and that everyone has their own specialist needs in relation to living in their own home. All too often those with autism are lumped into the category of 'learning disability', something that we recognise is unfair and can be a dangerous assumption. 

People on the autistic spectrum face a different set of challenges, with issues around social interaction often making communication and contact with landlords and letting agents very challenging and potentially causing extreme anxiety. Small maintenance issues that landlords may not class as important, such as flickering lightbulbs and dripping taps, can be extremely distressing to someone with autism and by having an organisation like Hollywell as a landlord we can ensure that these issues are managed quickly and efficiently. 

We source property to suit the individual and as such can ensure that we take into account the specific needs of the person we are working with - for example, main roads and constant noise can be a very significant issue to some and we would therefore seach for a home where this is minimised. 


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