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Tenant Experiences

Here are some of our tenant stories...

Simon's Story

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Simon was referred in to Hollywell Housing Trust by his mum in October - he is 34 years old and has a moderate learning disability. Simon was living with his parents until 2015 at which point a mutual decision was made for him to move out into supported living, in order to increase his independence and improve his life skills. Simon moved into a shared supported living house in the Truro area and after two years there is was decided by Simon, his family and his support team that he was ready to progress into his own flat. When we spoke to Simon, he told us that he wanted a one bedroom flat in a quiet location, close to his family in the St Austell area and wanted to feel safe.

Hollywell managed to find him a lovely little flat in a quiet development in St Austell and both he and his family are thrilled. Simon moved into his new flat at the end of October, just two weeks after the initial referral, and is settling in well. 

Olly & Leah's Story

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This is Olly and Leah! They were referred to us along with their two young children by social services in Exeter as they both have autistic spectrum disorders and just wanted a safe, secure and long term home for their family. Olly in particular can get very anxious and worries about being able to manage the bills. Hollywell were able to provide support in order to set up their utility bills and visit every two weeks to make sure they are happy and on top of the bills.

Olly and Leah moved into their new home at the beginning of December and have made it their own - the children are happy, settled and thriving and Olly and Leah say they extremely happy to have been given the opportunity to move.

Hollywell were able to find them a house in one of the suburbs of Exeter, close to Olly's family and to the local shops and transport links.

Andy's Story

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Andy came through as a referral from the Victim Care Unit of the Devon & Cornwall Police in February 2016 having been the victim of a serious assault. Andy has a brain injury and other difficulties linked to this which make him very vulnerable, as well as a history of substance misuse and other challenging behaviours. Andy was desperately unhappy living in the shared house that he was in, he felt like he was a prisoner in his own home. He began 'sofa surfing' in February due to his unhappy living arrangements. Andy is very anxious and needed a home in the centre of town but away from other people and not on the ground floor. This was a challenge for us as it meant finding a flat above a shop or restaurant, something that is quite rarely available in this area. 

Hollywell managed to find a beautiful flat above a cafe (so lovely in fact that we almost moved in ourselves....!) which was tucked away down a side street with it's own entrance. He moved in at the end of March 2016.

This move is one of the most successful we have done - Andy is thriving in his new home, his wellbeing has improved and he feels very safe. He is engaging with his support workers and his relationship with his mum is far better now.  You can see from his face how happy he is!

David & Esme's Story

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David and Esme were referred to Hollywell by Falcare, their support provider, as their accommodation was no longer suitable for them. They also wanted to start married life together after their wedding at the end of March!

Both David and Esme have learning disabilities - Esme also has Down's Syndrome and David has Aspergers - meaning that they need support to enable them to manage with day to day housing tasks in order to keep themselves safe and healthy.  They have sleep in care from Falcare and will get housing and tenancy related support from Hollywell, so that they have an all round package of support to make their tenancy sustainable.

We found them a flat in Penryn, near Falmouth, in Cornwall which is close to both of their families and their support provider in Falmouth. David and Esme are thrilled with their new home, there were lots of hugs and smiles when they got their keys!

Tanya's Story

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Tanya was referred to Hollywell by the Torbay Adult Social Care team in February 2016. She was assessed as being a vulnerable individual with a learning disability who needed support to live on her own. Tanya actually found herself her new flat - she approached a couple who had just bought a flat around the corner from where she was previously living and asked them whether they would rent it to her! Tanya's bravery and confidence paid off - the owners of the flat were more than happy to rent to Hollywell so that Tanya could live there.

They were completely renovating the flat, having bought it from someone who had lived there for many decades, and Tanya has ended up with a stunning new home with brand new kitchen, bathroom and carpets throughout. We were really impressed by Tanya's confidence in approaching the landlord herself - it showed how committed she was to finding herself a new home and both Hollywell and Tanya's support team agree that this bodes well for a successful happy tenancy!

Alan's Story

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This is the lovely Alan! Alan is from Manchester originally and is quite a northern character! Alan has a learning disability and a number of mental health issues and needed a two bedroom property with some outside space. 

Alan was referred to us by his support providers, Pioneering Independence, in Plymouth. He was living in Saltash in Cornwall but his housemates had moved on leaving Alan unable to pay the rent on the three bedroom house he was in. Alan needed to move quickly but we needed to ensure that it was the right place for him, as a sustainable and long term home was essential for him to give him some security and allow him to settle into a new area.

The flat we found for him is very spacious - walking distance to shops and public transport links, in a quiet area and parking for his support staff. As you can see from the photo, Alan is very happy to be in his new home!

Christopher's Story

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Christopher was referred to Hollywell by the support provider Pioneering Independence who are based in Plymouth. Christopher has autism and a learning disability and was unable to stay in his shared house as his housemate was moving on. Chris needed a flat with two bedrooms, one for his carer, and some outside space for him to sit. Hollywell managed to find him a beautiful ground floor flat in a converted house in Plymouth, close to the shops and transport links that he needs but in a quiet spot so he is not overwhelmed. 

As you can see from the picture, Chris moved in today and is thrilled to be in his new home!

Callum's Story

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22 year old Callum was referred to us by Plymouth Adult Social Care Team as a vulnerable adult who was living in a shared house in Plymouth. Callum has autism and other related mental health issues and needs housing support to enable him to live independently - he had expressed a wish to move from his shared house into his own flat and it was felt that this was an appropriate move for Callum as long as he was adequately supported to manage his tenancy.

Callum has been exploited by others in the past and it was important that he was able to live in an area where this risk was minimised. He was also keen to stay living close to his parents so they can visit him and ensure that he is safe and happy. Hollywell also visit Callum every week to make sure that he is managing his utility bills and taking care of his home, as well as getting out and about safely and getting the support he needs to manage his day to day activities from his care provider Arrow Support.

We managed to find Callum a new flat that is close to local shops and transport links but that is in a quite area where he can keep himself to himself and as you can see, he has settled in really well!

Kimberley's Story

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Kim was referred to Hollywell in October 2017 as she felt unsafe where she was living at the time. Kim has a learning disability and was very frightened living in her previous accommodation. We wanted to find Kim somewhere to live where she was close to her mum in Plymouth but also somewhere where she felt safe and secure. 

Kim and her mum actually found a suitable flat themselves and Hollywell liaised with the landlord to secure it for Kim. It's a beautiful flat, quiet and clean, suiting Kim's needs perfectly. 

Kim moved in last week and she is already choosing furniture with her mum!

Danny's Story

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Danny was referred to us via the National Autistic Society in November 2015. Danny has high functioning autism and was living in completely unsuitable accommodation in a converted toilet block in Plymouth. The property was freezing cold, damp and tiny and it was decided that moving Danny was an urgent priority.

Danny wanted to stay local to Plymouth and wanted to be able to walk to the shops - Hollywell were able to secure him a new flat in Plymouth two weeks before Christmas - it's warm, clean and spacious and means that Danny now has a secure home with support form Hollywell and National Autistic Society.

Danny is one of a number of referrals coming through from support providers such as National Autistic Society, showing that individuals are falling through the gaps in terms of their housing need.