Hollywell was set up in 2014 to address the serious gap in housing options for people with additional support needs in Devon and Cornwall when they are trying to become independent. Historically, people have often had choices made for them with many being placed unnecessarily in residential care facilities, hospitals or remaining in family homes where relatives can no longer cope because there are simply no other options available to them.

In the UK today, only 73% of people with additional support needs who WANT to live independently are able to do so. In the South West of England this figure is 70% and in the South West, it's just 53% - this is unacceptable and unfair.

We passionately believe that EVERYONE has the right to a secure and sustainable home and our vision is to provide this for as many people as possible, improving wellbeing and future prospects as well as empowering people to thrive within their community and develop the life skills they need to be able to achieve true independence. 

The Government's 2009 'Valuing People Now' paper stated that ALL vulnerable people had the right to make their own choices in terms of their housing - since then, many care providers have set up a supported living ‘arm’ of their organisations to allow them to be able to support people in their own homes whilst providing or overseeing accomodation. Whilst this sometimes works well, it creates a blurring of the lines between housing and personal care and can dilute the care and support job that they are there to do, hence the need for 'pure' specialist housing support.  

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is keen to ensure that individuals are adequately supported in their own homes to fulfil the guidelines outlined in The Care Act 2014, and we feel that a service combining the expertise of care and support providers alongside the specialist knowledge and experience of a supported housing provider such as Hollywell, creates a full package of support for vulnerable people which puts the individual at the heart of the process, whilst providing a holistic service that enables people to live independently within the community.

We identified a gap in the marketplace for an organisation in the South West providing ONLY intensive housing management and support to vulnerable people, ensuring that they have control and choice in choosing their home whilst being supported to manage the logistics of both finding a home and living independently. The golden thread through the process is allowing individuals to take control of their choices, be treated as an individuals and have access to the same opportunities as everyone else in society. This is the true meaning of Independent Living.


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