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Hollywell's Vision - Our Story

Hollywell was set up in 2014 to address the serious gap in housing options for people with additional support needs in Devon and Cornwall when they are trying to become independent. Historically, people have often had choices made for them with many being placed unnecessarily in residential care facilities, hospitals or remaining in family homes where relatives can no longer cope because there are simply no other options available to them.

We passionately believe that EVERYONE has the right to a secure and sustainable home and our vision is to provide this for as many people as possible, improving wellbeing and future prospects as well as empowering people to thrive within their community and develop the life skills they need to be able to achieve true independence.

In the UK today, only 73% of people with additional support needs who WANT to live independently are able to do so; due to lack of suitable, safe and sustainable housing.

In the South West, it's just 53% - this is unacceptable.


Personal Support vs Housing Support

The Care Act 2014 and previous Valuing People paper in 2009 highlighted the need for bespoke, person centred support that was led by and for the individual – ‘no decisions about me, without me’

A key part of this was about safe HOMES for people, rather than just ‘houses’, ‘units’ or temporary placements. This highlighted the need to separate personal care from housing support.

Many care providers set up a supported living ‘arm’ of their organisations to allow them to be able to support people in their own homes whilst providing or overseeing accommodation. Whilst this sometimes works well, it creates a blurring of the lines between housing and personal care and can dilute the care and support job that they are there to do, hence the need for ‘pure’ specialist housing support.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is keen to ensure that individuals are adequately supported in their own homes to fulfil the guidelines outlined in The Care Act 2014 and a service combining the expertise of care and support providers who are separately commissioned alongside the housing and tenancy knowledge and experience of a specialist housing provider such as Hollywell creates a full package of support for vulnerable people which puts the individual at the heart of the process, whilst providing a holistic service that enables people to live independently within the community

Bespoke Housing Solutions

We identified a gap in the marketplace for an organisation in the South West providing ONLY intensive housing management and tenancy support to people with additional support need within the private rented sector, ensuring that they have control and choice in choosing their home whilst being supported to manage the logistics of both finding a home and living independently. The golden thread through the process is allowing individuals to take control of their choices, be treated as an individuals and have access to the same opportunities as everyone else in society. This is the true meaning of independent living.

Hollywell does not provide traditional supported living, we provide an individual home for people to enable them to be able to hold a tenancy, manage their home and bills and live as independently as possible within their community.

Meet the Team

We are very proud of our committed and
dedicated team here at Hollywell Housing Trust!

Katie Sherjan Hollywell Housing Trust

Katie Sherjan

Chief Executive Officer

Katie set up Hollywell Housing Trust in November 2014 with more than 20 years experience in housing, including working at a senior level in private sector lettings, social housing and supported living and she is passionate about addressing the inequality of access and support within housing for those with additional support needs. Katie is ARLA qualified, a double Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs and has a degree in Housing Practise for Supported Living.

Katie has won a number of awards for her work with Hollywell, including being one of the Natwest 100 Women of Inspiration in Social Enterprise (WISE) in 2020 and is very proud to lead a team of amazing, committed people supporting people into safe homes.

You can contact Katie on katie.sherjan@hollywellhousingtrust.org.uk

Sara Frost

Development Manager
07399 183292 sara.frost@hollywellhousingtrust.org.uk

Started at Hollywell: April 2021

The part of the job you enjoy most: Being creative, innovative and working in collaboration with likeminded organisations for the benefit of our customers. 

Motto for life: There is nothing like a dream to create the future.

Special interests & skills: Housing Equality, Improving access to housing, support, and independence for Vulnerable Adults, Business Development, Substance Misuse and when I’m not working enjoying life on the open water.  


Mandy Mullen

HR & Finance Manager mandy.mullen@hollywellhousingtrust.org.uk

Started at Hollywell: October 2018

The part of the job you enjoy most: Every day is different and I really love supporting the team and the tenants.

Motto for life: Will it matter in 5 years? If not, let it go! Also, life is short – eat the cake!

Special interests & skills: 15 years in HR, baking, reading and horse riding.

Diana Spring

Housing & Welfare Officer
07903 153255 diana.spring@hollywellhousingtrust.org.uk

Started at Hollywell: December 2019

What part of the job do you enjoy most: I like working things out together with tenants so they can make their own decisions and choices.

Motto for life: My motto is to avoid all mottos!

Special interests & skills: Young adults, substance misuse, mental health, crisis management and chocolate!

Leigh Horne

Housing & Welfare Officer
(Exeter, Mid & East Devon)
07376 380661 leigh.horne@hollywellhousingtrust.org.uk


Started at Hollywell: July 19

What part of the job do you enjoy most: Turning a persons’ dreams of having their own home into a reality.

Motto for life: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Special interests & skills: Domestic abuse, CSE, acquired brain injury, schizophrenia and autism.


Clare Dale

Housing & Welfare Officer
07944 525184


Started at Hollywell: April 17

What part of the job do you enjoy most: Working in the community, building relationships and seeing people grow in independence and confidence.

Motto for life: Life is a journey, not a race.

Special interests: SEN education (autism), community networks and social prescribing.


Kerry Lewis

Housing & Welfare Officer
07375 370717 kerry.lewis@hollywellhousingtrust.org.uk


Started at Hollywell: September 2019

The part of the job you enjoy most: Supporting people who often have no one else.

Motto for life: Organisation, planning and preparation reduces the unexpected.

Special interests & skills: Working with young people, mental health, managing projects and gardening.


Tanya Falaschi

Housing & Welfare Officer
(Mid & North Cornwall)
07914 674603 tanya.falaschi@hollywellhousingtrust.org.uk


Started at Hollywell: May 19

What part of the job do you enjoy most: Supporting individuals to see them empowered and independent.

Motto for life: Live life to the full!

Special interests & skills: Tenant involvement, dementia and supported living.


Gemma Joyce

Housing & Welfare Officer
(Exeter, Mid & East Devon)
07399 184477


Started at Hollywell: April 2021

What part of the job do you enjoy most: I really enjoy helping each individual to achieve their personal goals for living independently. I also really enjoy problem solving and administration. My absolute favourite thing in my role is to see someone move into their new home and how happy they are, I love to see their home become more and more theirs over the following months.

Motto for life: The purpose of life, is a life of purpose, No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else and the more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap, stay safe, eat cake!

Special interests & skills: Supporting people to live independently in their own home, working well with other members of my team, dealing with enquiries and all aspects of administration. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and our 2 dogs, walking in the woods and visiting new places. I love concerts (especially Take That!) watching endless TV series, reading many books and have recently discovered a love of gardening.


Beth Blackmore

Housing & Welfare Officer
(South Devon)
07903 799687 beth.blackmore@hollywellhousingtrust.org.uk


Started at Hollywell: September 2019

The part of the job you enjoy most: Supporting people who often have no one else.

Motto for life: Organisation, planning and preparation reduces the unexpected.

Special interests & skills: Working with adults with learning disabilities in a day centre, Occupational therapy (Mental health and orthopaedic wards), complex health and social issues, stone carving and being outside with my dog.




The Hollywell Hound
All messages for Indy should directed to Katie

Started at Hollywell: Nov 14

What part of the job do you enjoy most: The team and tenants making a fuss of me

Motto for life: If it moves, chase it. If it smells nice, eat it.

Special interests: Ball catching, cat chasing and barking at reversing lorries.

Where We Operate

Hollywell Housing Trust currently covers the following areas in Devon and Cornwall:

  • Exeter
  • Mid Devon
  • East Devon
  • West Devon
  • Torbay
  • Plymouth
  • South Hams
  • Cornwall

We will always work with individuals and their support teams to try and find a solution that works for everyone, however we are not able to guarantee finding you a property in the area that you want to live in. We are always dependent on the availability of property on the private rented sector.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer emergency, short term of respite accommodation.