Why is our relationship with letting agents so important?

In order to be able to provide safe, secure and good quality homes for our tenants, we have taken a lot of time to develop and cultivate our relationships with local letting agents and their landlords. ViewMe Homes in Plymouth are a letting agent in Plymouth that we have been working with since 2015. They have so far provided Hollywell with 8 properties in and around the Plymouth area and the directors of ViewMe are fully on board with the work that Hollywell does to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people: 

“ViewMe Lettings has a very supportive relationship with Hollywell Housing Trust, assisting them in locating suitable rental properties for their clients and stakeholders in and around the Plymouth locality. Specific properties are identified for each of the Trust’s clients on a case by case review, ensuring that both the client’s and the Trust’s needs are met. Out clients are more than happy to let their properties to Hollywell as the properties are frequently let for long periods and it’s basically stress free for the landlord. This is an ideal working relationship for both organisations, as each company utilises their unique expertise – which has been gained through years of experience – to promote the wellbeing of the individual clients.” Jackie Taylor – Director

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